30 November 2011


Lately I am loving:

♥ Feathers in my hair (on a headband— no fuss & super transitional!)

♥ My new red Filofax (in Adelphi red with my favorite new Vera Bradley pen)

♥ iPhone 4S (how did I go so long without one of these? I feel so CONNECTED)

♥ OPI Silver Shatter nail polish (over OPI Black Tie Optional)


  1. Nate just got my my first smartphone as a birthday present. Until a few weeks ago, I was rocking the trusty old flip phone. I LOVE my new phone! Never thought I'd like one that does so much but it is soooo convenient!

  2. I LOVE the crackle nail polish!
    I also LOVE that you did a "Lately I Am Loving" post... kinda like cupcakes & cashmere... I vote for more "Lately I Am Loving" posts in the future


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