01 December 2011

A Little Project Called December Daily

Every year, the scrapbooking-project-making-queen Ali Edwards hosts what she calls December Daily.
"December Daily is an album project that documents the 25 days leading up to Christmas. Many people start their documentation earlier and many people go longer. I have found that 25 days is just right for me." —Ali Edwards
I love the idea of this, because when I was younger, my mom used to keep little 4x6" themed photo albums of our pictures over the years. She had a Halloween album, a Back-to-School album, a Christmas album, etc. It was (and still is!) so fun to pull out those albums when I am home to visit during whatever season of the year.

Last year was my first year participating in December Daily, only I did it a little differently. First of all, I'm much too busy during the holiday season to scrapbook a page a day. Secondly, having an entire album of 25+ pages for one holiday of the year is too cumbersome for me— and as a military family, I have to be conscious of keeping our baggage light and not adding too much to take from station to station. As it is, I have about a dozen scrapbooks from my high school/college years, and I still have most of my relationship with Joshua to document.

Yes, I'm a little obsessive when it comes to these things.

Enter— my version of December Daily. I didn't set up my album ahead of time, as Ali does. I just kind of went with it. I scrapbooked throughout December 2010 and finished up the pages in early 2011.

It was our first Christmas living together. It was also the first Christmas we spent alone, without visiting family. We were living in Emerald Isle, NC at the time, stationed at Camp Lejeune, and our big move to Virginia was only weeks away. There was just too much to do.

And honestly?

It was one of my favorite Christmases yet. It was quiet, intimate, and absolutely beautiful. Probably one of the only Christmases we'll have alone until we get old & grey, since we're seeing family this year and hope to have little ones in the coming years. :-)

This is the start of the album I hope to pull out every December. My version of December Daily highlights just the key moments of the season, including holiday decorating, gift giving, and bits & pieces of how we spent our December.

I purchased my festive 12x12" scrapbook at a local scrapping store in Emerald Isle. I seriously debated about it for weeks and finally got it! So happy I did. The photo of Joshua & I on page one is the day we graduated Corporal's Course last December. Page three is a circle collage of all the fun things we did throughout the month. Again— highlights only.

We didn't have a Christmas tree in the house we were renting in Emerald Isle, so we decorated one of the house plants instead. We also got the most perfect Christmas stockings— Vera Bradley for me, woodland camo for him. We hung them from the staircase. Once the gifts were wrapped, we were worse than 5-year olds. We opened everything days before Christmas, and only saved one gift for Christmas Eve. We figured it was just the 2 of us— so why not?

I loved having a place to keep our Christmas cards to each other last year. Now we'll always have them and be able to look back on them. I also documented making our family Christmas cards & our holiday wreath. The beach blizzard at Emerald Isle was a phenomenon. Supposedly it had not snowed in years, and we got to be there the winter it did! The snow on the beach was so beautiful.

So that's last year. It's never too late to start... even if you just take some photos and make little paper book on Snapfish! Which of course I'd like to see if you do. So run! Take pictures— document your December

I swear, it's so much fun.

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