10 February 2012

What's in my... Closet!

I'm going to start a new "series" of sorts here on the blog called "What's in my..."

I'm planning to share different areas of my house, life, and spaces and how I organize it. Personally, I love seeing how other people do things. Like how your pantry is organized, what you keep in your makeup stash, what does your laundry room look like?

What can I say? I'm curious. I'm curious to see what's inside a real person's home... not just another perfect space in a magazine page or show room. 

My second thought with this is that if I plan ahead what I'll be sharing, I'll be more likely to get it neat, clean, and tidy— therefore holding myself accountable.

I've thought about making this a link-up as well, though I don't know if anyone else would actually be interested. I'm going to try it today and next week and see how it goes. I'll keep the link-up open for 2 weeks after it's posted (because I plan to do these every other week), and that way anyone joining can link in.

Also, at the end of each post I'll list what I'll be sharing next, so everyone has just as much time to prepare as me.

I'd love to see inside your closets, so please take a few pics and share! Now, to get to it.

I'm lucky to have a whole closet all to myself, because my awesome husband took one of the spare rooms as his office and uses that closet for all his clothes. I have to say... I was very impressed at the size of the closets here in base housing!

I organize my closet by what type of clothing it is. So all my camis hang together; longer tops to pair with leggings; button-downs; polos; nicer tops for work; turtlenecks; and casual T-shirts. I used to organize by color, but my clothes got lost in each other that way. Plus, I pick out what I want to wear based on what kind of top I feel like, not by the color.

I keep my pants on the lower racks, by my shoes. Sweatshirts above my shoe shelf. Tall boots on the floor. As you can tell, I'm pretty OCD about my hangers all matching. 

I've been hanging my purses for awhile now, and it works out so well! They stay neat and in sight, so I remember I have them! I used to keep them all in a drawer and I always forgot what I had. For the most part, I'm almost exclusively a Coach & Vera Bradley girl (it pays to buy good bags, because they last foreverrrr).

My clutches and wallets all have a spot on this shelf here below the hanging purses. If I had a choice, I'd only carry clutches— and a lot of times, I do. My big purses get so heavy with all the crap I put into them, so I love to leave that home and just take an over-sized wallet or cute clutch.

Above that are my nice shoes. You know— the shoes I've bought for weddings or formals, or strappy summer shoes that I like to keep protected.

The other side of my closet has folded sweaters; long sleeve T-shirts; gym pants; and zip-ups. Beneath the folded items are my cardigans; light jackets & blazers; skirts; and dresses.

One thing that I think everyone needs to invest in is a shoe shelf. So much cuter than those over-the-door racks, and just as easy to organize. I got mine at Target. When I see my shoes, I wear them. I organize my shoes by type, too. Closed-toe heels; flats; open-toe heels; wedges; summer shoes; and sneakers.

& Boots! I think Pinterest was where I saw the idea to stuff your boots so they stand up straight and maintain their shape. The idea was to stuff with paper— I use old T-shirts that I would otherwise toss. Re-purpose when you can!

Go forth and organize your closets. Then take photos and share with me. Fun fun. Happy Friday, lovelies.

The next share is going to be: 
What's in my... Planner! 
Scheduled for February 24th

07 February 2012

SYL: Week Two

One of the projects I'm doing this year is a 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life challenge. This is the 6th week of the challenge, and I'm working to catch up. The challenge is about making small changes in your life one week at a time. Topics discussed include:

Inner/Mental Clutter 
Time Management 
Our Stuff/Possessions 
Household Management 
Relationships and family 
Money and work 
Holidays and rituals 

The Week Two challenge is: Define Your Personal Values. I really enjoyed this week! Coming up with a list of my top five personal values was a lot harder than I imagined... ranked in order, no less! It took me almost an hour, and a lot of thought. In the end, I found that 3 of my 5 values have been important to me my entire life; 2 have been variable. 

My favorite thing the challenge coach (Deb) wrote was why finding your values is important: 
What happens when you are clear on what your values are?  
• You get in touch with what is important to you in life  
• You begin to see where your focus should be 
• Once you commit to and “own” your values you can, more easily, figure out what to let go of in your life 
• You can approach your life with intention 
• You have a framework or guide to stand on as you decide how to parent your children and the lessons you want them to absorb
I also like that I was reminded that these are my values, not what values I think I should have. I wrote them as if I was the only person who would see them, and I love the result. 

So here is how I went about this. First, I went through and listed all the words I felt strongly about or liked, gathering ideas from here and adding a few of my own. I later found more words here and here, and there are a ton more via Google... turns out, this is a popular exercise!

I narrowed my list down to 15, then when I got down to 7, I looked up the definitions for each. That helped me narrow it down to my top 5. And from there, I ranked them. And turned them all into nouns, because as we know,  I am OCD.

So without further ado, these are my top 5 personal values.

genuineness gen•u•ine•ness (noun)
  1. possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin
  2. authentic; real

cre•a•tiv•it•y (noun)
  1. the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.
  2. originality, progressiveness, or imagination

fam•i•ly (noun)
  1. the ones you live with, laugh with, and love
  2. the people who know you the best and love you the most
  3. is forever

contribution con•tri•bu•tion (noun)
  1. the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance
  2. given (money, time, knowledge, assistance, etc.) to a common purpose
  3. for me: contributing to our family; providing original content to my friends, creatives, and blog readers; and creating meaningful designs that provide solutions & a unique vision

beau•ty (noun)
  1. the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations, a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest)
  2. an individually pleasing or beautiful quality; grace; charm

After I did this exercise, I was so pumped that I asked Joshua to do it. He spent some time with it, and eventually came back to me with his own set of values. We tried to guess each other's (I guessed one of his— loyalty, he guessed two of mine— creativity & family). It was really fun!

Joshua's top 5 values:
loyalty, leadership, efficiency, discipline, service

I love him. 

06 February 2012

One Little Word: January

One of my projects this year is One Little Word from Ali Edwards. Since I don't have any friends doing this project— what it is, is you choose a word for the year, the whole year. And you kind of make it your focus, or your mantra. Ali has a class I signed up for at Big Picture Classes, where she "coaches" you, gives you monthly prompts, and provides print-outs to help document your word in an album.

The word I chose is LESS. This year, I want less of everything. Less stress, less clutter, less debt. I want to weigh less, worry less, and fear less. I want things to feel effortless. I want to plan less, and go with the flow more. Sit less, move more. Hate less, love more.

One of the prompts was to think about what you invite into your life with your word. With the word less, I invite more. More time, more calm, more space. More fun and more enjoyment. The list goes on. 

These are my pages for January, including the pre-class assignment and the first few prompts. I also printed the OLW label for the outside of my pretty buttercup album. The plan is to stick with yellows, oranges, and navy blues for this album.

Enjoy & please leave your thoughts! Hope I can inspire some of you. Even if you're not into scrapbooking, think of a word... I swear, it's a lot of fun. One word, your word.

{Album & label}
{Title page: I printed the wrong one. It's supposed to say "One Little Word 2012."}
Guess I'll have to go back & fix that this month since I'm OCD!
{What you see when yo open the album. Love how this was set up... all part of the class!}
{For the photo prompt, I printed a still shot from the vlog I did last week.}
{Top row: monogram, sunflower patterned paper, & definitions}
{Middle row: what I invite with my word, quotes with LESS, and the year}
{Bottom row: synonyms of LESS, patterned paper & fiber string, & why I chose this word}

03 February 2012

SYL: Week One

One of the many projects I'm doing this year is a 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life challenge, which I randomly found on a blog called Home Life Simplified. The challenge is 5 weeks in, but I'm just starting it now... and luckily, this past week was a catch-up week, so I only have four weeks to catch up on. 

The challenge is about making small changes in your life one week at a time. Topics discussed will include:
Inner/Mental Clutter 
Time Management 
Our Stuff/Possessions 
Household Management 
Relationships and family 
Money and work 
Holidays and rituals 

So these are my responses to the Week One challenge. I'll be catching up over the weekend, so if you're also joining in... let me know so I can read your progress, too! And if you're not interested, well... move along then. 

What energized you? 
Starting my business, planning our wedding, moving & getting settled into our new lives in Virginia.

What made you feel happy?
Joshua, Gypsy, & Lady; our wedding! Felice's wedding; Nikki's wedding. Hmm... and the holidays spent with our family & friends.

What made you feel at peace?
Bedtime, every night, cuddling up with husband— the place I feel safest in the world. Even if he hates the word "cuddle."

What positive people lifted you up?
Ooh! Good one. Positive people, hmm? Megan, definitely. My mom. Alison. And again— Joshua. It's hard to be positive and to find people that are positive. Sometimes I think I am more empathetic than positive... but these people somehow always look on the bright side despite the obstacles in their way. And believe me— they have had some big ones.

What filled your tank?
I think just starting our lives together, knowing there is so much ahead and so much to be accomplished. Getting things in order, getting our belongings together, and starting our own family... that was and is everything to me. My family has always been the fuel to keep me going.

What worked to bring your family together?
Oh, definitely our wedding. Our whole engagement, even. From the bridal shower to the bachelorette to the rehearsal dinner to the reception... it was full of family, close friends, and wonderful memories.

What is something that made you feel excited to dive right in?
My business! Though it didn't go as planned, and wasn't as successful as I had hoped... it was and still is a driving force to keep me going, with the hopes that one day— some day— I can make it work.

What did you learn?
To take deep breaths. To love with all my heart. To keep toxic people out of my circle. To ask for help. That some events in life need to be taken with a grain of salt, and that the little things are not everything.

What are you grateful for?
My incredible family, the friends I've had forever that are still here for me, and the new friends I've made since moving to Virginia.

02 February 2012


Just wanted to jump on during my lunch break to post about a design project I did last month. I love it when projects find me, rather than me having to find it… isn't that the best? A co-worker of mine asked me if I would be willing to design something for her daughter's birthday. Her daughter is majoring in music at college, and plans to use her talents to join the Marine Corps Band. Neat, right?!

There are 3 quotes that are very meaningful to her, and I was asked to make them into something she could hang on her wall, either at home or in her dorm room. My favorite part about this project is how she described her daughter:
"My Meg is not a frilly girl; she likes things simple but loves bold color. She would never wear a blouse with frills or a flower print.  She will wear horizontal stripes that are all the same width, she will not wear a suit with a print but she will add a very bright blouse under a solid fabric."
What a great way to describe someone I've never met! That was all I needed to put together the posters.

{click to enlarge}

Now I'm inspired to make some posters of my favorite quotes to frame and hang on my wall. I also shared this on my Facebook page and one of my girlfriends said she has a quote or two she wants "designed." I love quotes that have personal meaning!

My favorite quote lately is from Winston Churchill. "Failure to plan is planning to fail." It was posted at a Weight Watchers meeting (yay, 9 pounds lost!) and I've been living by it ever since. I find that when I plan ahead, everything in life is just... better.

Do you have a favorite quote? Please share!

01 February 2012

Hello, blogland!

Happy February 1st! Back with my first ever vlog.

Note to self: video blogs are awkward. And... apparently I look up when I'm thinking. A lot. Again... awkward!

I wanted to "introduce" myself to you readers. Am I this awkward in real life? Probably. ♥ 


At the end I meant to say, "have a good day." But I recorded this at 11pm last night... again, too busy to write! Ahhh when will it all slow down?

P.S. Dogs can't say hi. Haha.