01 February 2012

Hello, blogland!

Happy February 1st! Back with my first ever vlog.

Note to self: video blogs are awkward. And... apparently I look up when I'm thinking. A lot. Again... awkward!

I wanted to "introduce" myself to you readers. Am I this awkward in real life? Probably. ♥ 


At the end I meant to say, "have a good day." But I recorded this at 11pm last night... again, too busy to write! Ahhh when will it all slow down?

P.S. Dogs can't say hi. Haha.


  1. I love it! You have bigger balls then me, girl. I am far too shy to sit in front of a camera and talk lol.

  2. You're so precious! <3! (P.S., didn't your hairs used to have darkness on the underside?! Gosh, hi, my name is apparently Stalker McStalky)

  3. Can you give more info about the blogging class? What site?

  4. Aw, I like it! I agree- I really feel like I get to know a blogger more when they vlog. :)

  5. LOVE this- not just the blogging part but also getting to see your beautiful face since i havent since October. I miss u D- p.s. love your hair- its getting long. keep it up!

  6. This is SOOO COOL! I agree with Nik, since I haven't seen you in WAY TOO LONG, this little video is like a mini Dani visit!


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