03 February 2012

SYL: Week One

One of the many projects I'm doing this year is a 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life challenge, which I randomly found on a blog called Home Life Simplified. The challenge is 5 weeks in, but I'm just starting it now... and luckily, this past week was a catch-up week, so I only have four weeks to catch up on. 

The challenge is about making small changes in your life one week at a time. Topics discussed will include:
Inner/Mental Clutter 
Time Management 
Our Stuff/Possessions 
Household Management 
Relationships and family 
Money and work 
Holidays and rituals 

So these are my responses to the Week One challenge. I'll be catching up over the weekend, so if you're also joining in... let me know so I can read your progress, too! And if you're not interested, well... move along then. 

What energized you? 
Starting my business, planning our wedding, moving & getting settled into our new lives in Virginia.

What made you feel happy?
Joshua, Gypsy, & Lady; our wedding! Felice's wedding; Nikki's wedding. Hmm... and the holidays spent with our family & friends.

What made you feel at peace?
Bedtime, every night, cuddling up with husband— the place I feel safest in the world. Even if he hates the word "cuddle."

What positive people lifted you up?
Ooh! Good one. Positive people, hmm? Megan, definitely. My mom. Alison. And again— Joshua. It's hard to be positive and to find people that are positive. Sometimes I think I am more empathetic than positive... but these people somehow always look on the bright side despite the obstacles in their way. And believe me— they have had some big ones.

What filled your tank?
I think just starting our lives together, knowing there is so much ahead and so much to be accomplished. Getting things in order, getting our belongings together, and starting our own family... that was and is everything to me. My family has always been the fuel to keep me going.

What worked to bring your family together?
Oh, definitely our wedding. Our whole engagement, even. From the bridal shower to the bachelorette to the rehearsal dinner to the reception... it was full of family, close friends, and wonderful memories.

What is something that made you feel excited to dive right in?
My business! Though it didn't go as planned, and wasn't as successful as I had hoped... it was and still is a driving force to keep me going, with the hopes that one day— some day— I can make it work.

What did you learn?
To take deep breaths. To love with all my heart. To keep toxic people out of my circle. To ask for help. That some events in life need to be taken with a grain of salt, and that the little things are not everything.

What are you grateful for?
My incredible family, the friends I've had forever that are still here for me, and the new friends I've made since moving to Virginia.


  1. Welcome to the challenge - congrats on your wedding (and business) and all the great connections and time you seem to have had in the lead up - I look froward to reading your posts coming up

    1. Thank you, I'm loving everything you're giving us so far... it's so helpful & relevant!


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