09 March 2012

Life in the Fast Lane!

So. I realize I have totally been absent from my blog. I swear, it wasn't planned. I had quite the opposite planned (lots of ideas I was so excited to post).

But then, you know... life happened. An opportunity came up for a new job at a new company, and on a whim, I applied. A couple of days later, I had an interview. A couple days after that, I was offered the job. 24 hours later, I accepted. It was a tough choice to make, because I loved the company I was with so very much. Designing with the creative team to support military Quality of Life programs for the Department of Defense was incredibly awesome, not to mention... so were the people I worked with. And that's hard to find, you know?

I gave my 2 weeks notice and began to mentally prepare for a new job, new people, new responsibilities, and new location. I started wrapping up my design projects and handing things over to my boss to delegate. Meanwhile, things were stirring up at my current job. A mere three days before my last day there, a new job was posted with the company— a job for a Social Media Strategist. Of course, I was immediately interested. I mean, to start, I love this company. Secondly, social media? I've been interested in social media since I was old enough to have my own screen name for a chat room. (A/S/L, anyone?) I remember at my previous job in New York, learning of such a thing as a social media position and being so jealous, thinking... "Wow. That sounds so cool."

As for experience, well... I probably had my first taste of social media in those chat rooms and online message boards at around 14 years old. I'm 26. So that's 10+ years of experience using it on a personal level. Add in the social media presence I built from the ground up for my freelance business, as well as this blog you are currently reading, and... I suddenly had myself a list of qualifications to bring to the table. 

Needless to say, I knew I had to apply. With the encouragement of a couple of close friends, I prepared myself for the interview. Ironically enough, it was the same day as my exit interview. I felt like I was cheating on someone. My new job? My old position? I don't know.

Okay. We're down to a mere 2 days before I was to start the new job. A couple of others from my company had also applied for the Social Media position, and I was freaking out. I wanted it. It was getting so close though... I couldn't leave things with the new job like that, whether it was letting them know last minute that I wouldn't be starting OR starting and wishing I was elsewhere.

And then... I was offered the position. [insert halleluiah chorus here] I immediately accepted, then immediately called the new job and explained things to them. They were so gracious. They told me congratulations, and to contact them in the future if things didn't work out or I was looking for something different. [insert hell yeah! here]

I am now a Social Media Strategist by day, and graphic designer by night. Woot woot! Best of both worlds. I've been in my new position for about a week and a half now, and I'm learning the ropes. I'm being trained on new types of social media I had little-to-no experience with, and I'm giving input and providing graphic support for things I know plenty about. It's so fun.

To conclude, my dear friends... that is where I have been and why I haven't been blogging. It's been an emotional roller coaster, and I'm so happy things are finally leveling out! Yay for that.


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