01 April 2012

Happy April 1st!

Hey friends,

In honor of my blog's two-year anniversary (and in preparation for a couple other new endeavors), Hard Corps Love is getting a redesign! I've decided to separate my business and my personal stories, and all things Graphic Grace will be going to their own home on the web. Hard Corps Love will go back to being a lifestyle blog about all things Husband+me, where I can write what & when I want without worrying about business.

Work hard & play harder, isn't that how it is? :-)

Bear with me while I move some things around. The current design will be transitioned to my new Graphic Grace blog (which will be in the works soon enough), because most of the design elements (colors + fonts) are specific to my biz. The redesign here will be familiar to some of you... particularly if you read any of my wedding posts or remember the design theme & colors from our weddin' last June.

I'll be back to play soon!

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