08 June 2012

Blogging About Blogging

Earlier this week, my second blog was posted over at Military OneSource's Blog Brigade. Last month was the debut of my first post on Blog Brigade about navigating the job market as a military spouse… and this week, I wrote about What Milspouse Blogging Means to Me, and how it helped me find a sense of community when Joshua was stationed down in North Carolina and I was living upstate in New York.

I definitely recommend checking out the blog call for military spouse guest bloggers if you haven't already! This week, the topics to submit on are Loving Being Alone, Things to Avoid on Payday, Summer Activities for Kids. Deadline for Submissions is 6/17/12!

I for one can think of a couple things to say about the first two topics— like how I can watch 4 hours straight of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore on Netflix when I'm alone, but never when the husband is home. Or how I avoid the commissary like the plague on payday... and for several days following. As for the last topic... hmm. I can think about what I'd like to be doing this summer if I were a kid... probably having lots of sleepovers with my girlfriends, camping out with my family, and spending lots of time by the lake! Oh, to be young again... and have the summers off!

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