21 June 2012

Long Distance Love When You're Broke

I know it seems like all I've been posting lately are links to my blogs on Military OneSource, but... that's all I've been writing lately. As you know, my job comes before my blog (much as I wish it was the other way around!), and since writing for Blog Brigade is part of my real-life job... I get it done!

I do have a fun post planned to share all about my one-year anniversary this past week with hubby. Including whether or not to eat the top layer of your wedding cake after it's been frozen. A do or don't? Stay tuned!

For today, check out my post over at Blog Brigade about Love Distance Love: Weekend Getaways on a Budget. This could have also been titled Traveling When You're Broke, Why Long Distance Relationships Cost So Much, or How Joshua & I Made 3-Years of Living 12-Hours & 6-States Apart Work. You can pick your favorite.

As always, if you're a milspouse and you want to be a guest blogger at Blog Brigade, check out the Blog Call page. This month's topics are Making friends when you don’t have children, What’s in your emergency kit, and Military culture shock. Looks like the deadline for these topics is 7/08/12.

Happy Thursday! Today is happy because tomorrow is Friday. And I welcome Fridays every week. Cheers!

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