05 September 2012


Sooo… as it turns out, I’ve made a mess of my RSS feeds. I guess I had one when I started with Blogger, then I got a new one when I moved it to a .com, then I thought I had one when I moved to WordPress, but somehow I ended up with two more.

Do you use an RSS reader (like Google Reader) to keep up with the blogs you read? If you do… and mine is one of the blogs you follow… please update your feeds to this RSS:

As of right now, I have all these feeds with different “followers” or subscribers in all different places. Talk about a mess! The correct feed has the fewest subscribers… we’re talking close to 200 followers versus 6.





All of the above are going kaput. Or… they’re staying there, but they won’t be updated. I totally recommend checking out your own RSS feeds too! #ineverknew

Why is RSS so confusing?!

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